Funky, Rap, Soul, RnB


Blackmix – Goose bumps! Blackmix – Goose bumps!
Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday between 9 and 10 pm: people behind the bakelites, the unique mixprogramme of Luxfunk.
Dance – Put your hands up in the air! Dance – Put your hands up in the air!
Every Friday and Saturday between 10 pm and midnight: vigorous black music, first-class, well-known songs.
Love – Get hot! Love – Get hot!
Every night between midnight and 4 am: passionate Soul and RnB that makes you relax, tingle and hot.
Jammin’ – Jazz & Funk Jammin’ – Jazz & Funk
Every morning between 4 and 8 am: Acid Jazz and Jazzfunk gives you a pleasant wake-up, or makes it easier to fall asleep for the lovers of night-life.


Funky Funky

Hot Funky of high standard – people behind the instruments – prior and most defining genre of Luxfunk Radio.

Rap Rap

Outspoken and hearty rap – the creme of the genre – Luxfunk Radio’s next defining music style, a feeling from the 80’s to nowadays.

Soul Soul

Passion that comes from the inside – this is Soul. You can get it on Luxfunk: enjoy it and relax after a long day!


With its popping, stiff rhythms RnB gained ground in the States. We play these classics quite often.