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Luxfunk Radio is the first and the only Internet radio in Hungary that plays Funky music of high standard. Primarilly we offer you classical funky, rap, soul and rnb. The best songs of the last three decades are being played 24 hours a day.

It is not by chance that we avoid the word ‘hit’. There are so many records that has never been promoted by the media, dispite the fact that they are really precious and enjoyable. One of the aims of Luxfunk Radio is to give its audience unique, rarely played songs and various versions of songs.

‘All that’s black’ – this is the slogan of Luxfunk Radio. That means every music that involves and transmits ‘black feeling’, which is almost impossible to discribe but gets part of us thank to some songs. Black music does not necessarily mean black artists. It is true that the flavour of the genre can be related to them but there are numerous white musicians and bands that adopted and developed them. Luxfunk Radio is a place to everyone who plays real black music.

We do not have any verbal programmes. It has a simple reason: the aim is not chatting but to guarantee perfect background music – anytime, anywhere. Everyone finds something to enjoy: those who want to party, those who are relaxing, those who are working. Details can be read under Show.

Luxfunk Radio targets to justify that funky music has its place and audience in Hungary; in a country the past of which was formed by absolutely different music styles. It is time to prove it!

If you have any questions, remarks or complaints regarding data, content or visual design please contact us by clicking on the contact form.

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