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Everything’s from Funky. If not, then sooner or later it will turn into. This is our religious belief and this we will prove!

As a first step, we will make our most popular show accessible, the previous Blackmix broadcasts: Luxfunk DJs are mixing live, from real records, for 1 hour long!

The content is continuously increasing!

Luxfunk Radio is sharing with you its music and video content! Torrent, Rapidshare, DC++ etc these are those file share platforms, where, for certain, you are looking unnecessarily the special song versions of Luxfunk Radio. By the Luxfunk Radio Podcast service in the archive of Luxfunk shows, you are able to browse and find easily these music delicacies. Sign up to a feed containing a given theme’s news and you can download the latest files, so you can enjoy them on Your PC or your portable music player.

By podcasting, the online content of Luxfunk Radio will be accessible. As an example, you can access the entire broadcast content of Luxfunk’s Blackmix and Luxfunk Time shows. You can also download the videos made on events.

Sign up, and with the help of a feed (RSS or Atom) we will inform you of the new contents. With podcasting you can access the show-archive easily, so if at the moment you are not able to listen to Luxfunk Radio, but you miss us, we can always be with you. Some programs are even able to copy the so downloaded files to your portable music player and sincronise with it.

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Blackmix with DJ Taylor

Listen, or download the Blackmix with DJ Taylor!

2011. July 26.  

Category: PODCAST