Privacy policy

Marek-Medic Kft as the operator of Luxfunk Radio’s website – hereafter Owner – respects the personal right of all those visiting and using the website.

By filling in the Contact us form you agree with recording, registration and processing of your personal data. We deal with your data strictly according to laws on data protection, observing every instructions.

Protection of personal data

Anonymity is given to all users of the website. With some restriction everyone can choose a nickname free.

The Owner does its best for the protection of personal data. If the user publishes data with the help of which he/she can be idintified the Owner takes no responsibility.

The user has the right to know and – if needed – modify the registered data. He/she has the right to ask for cancellation of these data, which can be done through the Contact us.

We have the right to ask the user for giving us his/her personal data. We can ask him/her whether he/she agrees with using his/her personal data. His/her data can only be used with permission.

Date collection

We collect data from habits and preferences of the user, including webserver diary that contains IP-address of the user, successfully or not opened sites and used browser.

These data are only needed for own aims, statistics, so that we can gain information about attendance, practicability and scores of search.

We form the design, layout and utilities with the help of the data gained from you.


The content of the website will be archived so that it can be achievable even years later. Please consider this fact before you write a comment on the site.


The Owner is not responsible for the content of comments but if a comment hurts someone’s interest and/or public weal it will be cancelled without justification.

With publishing a comment the user gives up the right to dispose it, it means that he/she cannot have any financial or other commands based on it.

If you have any questions, remarks or complaints regarding data, content or visual design please contact us by clicking on the contact form.

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