Launching Luxfunk Radio filled a huge space in the life of Hungarian music. There is a lot of time, energy and financial input in it. Now you can add to its success!

You have already done the first step in helping Luxfunk Radio continue its operation: you are listening to it. Thank you very much!

It is a great help that more and more people know about Luxfunk Radio and its accessibility. Tell your acquaintances that there is a radio that plays black music of high standard 24 hours a day, and this will give us the next step on our way!

Make Luxfunk Radio play loud at your work, in your office, in the shop or in the café, this way you do something for its promotion. Furthermore we can talk about cooperation as well. Contact us!

If you can afford it and if you think your money would be in good hands you can also donate. You can send us the amount through PayPal’s reliable and safe system by clicking on button Donate:

Thank you for your help!

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